My life in a nutshell

Maybe I've not walked the most conventional path to where I am now, but it has always been the most interesting one.
  • 1985

    Started exploring the world

  • 2006

    College degree Software engineering

    Student at ROC Midden Nederland

  • 2008

    Founded my first company CXOne

    Online concept company based on a self-build CMS

  • 2009

    Graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering

    Student at Hogeschool Utrecht

  • 2009

    Founded Online Profile

    Transforming offline strategy to an online reality

  • 2009

    Joined Springer Media

    Consultant and developer online

  • 2012

    Graduated Master of Science in Business Administration

    Student at Vrije Universiteit (VU University)

  • 2012

    Joined Hewlett Packard (Enterprise)

    Consultant Big data

  • 2015

    Continue to challenge and keep moving forward

About my work

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Stuff I like

Travel the world

I love being out, meeting new people, seeing new places. While feeling free is a matter of mind, not of place, it sure helps to be in some foreign country or surf a foreign sea.


Living near the coast, for me surfing is like breathing. An essential part of life. Being on the water, between the elements means needing the mindfulness and drive to do what you set out to do or get flushed away.


Friends have always been an important part of my life. While I love being alone sometimes, friends will give me the much needed fun and feedback I need.

Generating new ideas

I love working on new ideas and see where opportunities arise. One of those undertakings has led to Gentleman's Agreement: